9 Haziran 2009

hido'dan müthiş espri!

...Before Game 2, Turkoglu joked with the reserve point guard Tyronn Lue and removed the tape from his ankles and placed it on Lee.

A reporter asked him for two seconds of his time. “One, two,” Turkoglu said with a smile.

Bu arada aynı yazıdan Hido'nun maç öncesi ritüelinin pizza yemek olduğunu da öğrendik...

When asked about Turkoglu, Anthony Johnson, Orlando’s veteran point guard, began his response with a lengthy laugh.

“He’s the only player that’s in the N.B.A. finals who is so out of shape,” Johnson said. “For the minutes that he plays, that’s almost impossible, but somehow he manages to find a way. Eating pizza before the game, every game, that’s unheard of.”

Kaynak: New York Times

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